Unquestionably the largest and most popular attraction in the eastern Tennessee Smokies (not counting the Smokies themselves, mind you) Dollywood has been entertaining millions of people for 30 years. There is literally something for everyone during each season of the year.

Dollywood is named for and owned by East Tennessee’s most famous daughter, Dolly Parton, but acting as an official extension of her brand is only 1/3 of the park. Dollywood is a theme park that’s ever-changing and ever-expanding while remaining firmly rooted in celebrating the culture of the Smoky Mountains, and more than just offering a huge selection of thrill rides for families like most theme parks, Dollywood also prides itself on it’s theatrical focus and its commitment to maintaining a Smoky Mountain arts and crafts community of sorts. Three specialized fields for one park!

Everything you enjoy about the Tennessee soundscape can be found here. The ensembles of highly talented musicians regularly perform Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, Modern Country, Classic Country, and Christmas holiday themed music once it gets to be in season. The music of the Smokies are all around you here in Dollywood, and one ticket purchase gets you all the shows you want. No additional admission is taken for any show on park. There are almost two dozen huge AAA-quality rides at Dollywood as well as smaller rides for younger kids, multiple eateries and food shops from one end of of the park to the other, its own fully functioning train and lots of interactivity in between all that. It would take more than a full day to enjoy everything there is to do in Dollywood!

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